Ep 007 - Salvage Arc Evan Woodard talks Magnet Fishing and Underwater Drones

Salvage Arc joins us as we discuss Magnet fishing in historic Fells Point Baltimore as well as his new venture with Aqua Survey, an underwater drone. Check out Evan Woodard and his adventures: https://www.instagram.com/salvagearc/ https://www.salvagearc.com/ Need an underwater drone in the Chesapeake? Check out his business: https://www.aquasurveymd.com/ As always, there’s a video too!

Ep 005 - Miami Boat Show and Boat Broker Exams

Captain Boomies makes a fool of herself at the Miami Boat Show 2023 in front of some big youtubers, including Colin from Parlay Revival. The Broker with the Beard passes his big test and becomes certifiable. There’s a video too:

Ep 004 - Jeffrey Wettig with Shooting the Breeze Podcast

Podcasting Sailor and good friend, Jeffrey Wettig of Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast joins the crew for a little smack talk about yacht clubs and power vs sailboats. You can find his show at https://theescapepods.com/shootin-the-breeze/ where he interviews some of the biggest names in sailing! Total legend! As usual there is video too if you […]

Ep 003 - Someplace Loud with Painkillers

Captain Boomies and the Broker with the Beard head to Pussers in Annapolis to talk about boats and grab a few cocktails. We also accuse the bartender of being too fond of nuts. There’s also video:

Ep 000 - Intro

Welcome aboard the Funny Boat Podcast. We talk about boats and boating and sailing and all the things that two professional mariners would while trying to keep things funny. This is just a teaser to get you going! Video version available on Youtube:

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