Ep 016 – Tiki Lee’s Shootout on the River 2023

We’re doing speed boat stuff! Captain Boomies shanghaied the Broker with the Beard to come aboard for the annual Tiki Lee Shootout on the River 2023. It includes super fast boats, an air show, and one of the best boat parties around! Big thanks to ShipsDeck for the sponsorship!!! https://www.shipsdek.com/ As always there’s a video: […]

Ep 015 – Cruise the Chesapeake with Captain TJ Sanner

Ep 015 Cruise the Chesapeake

Boomies and Ed are on floating location with Cruise the Chesapeake Captain TJ Sanner! You can find Cruise the Chesapeake’s Booking here: https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/cruisethechesapeake We are sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Magazine! Go give them some love and tell them that Funny Boat Podcast sent you!!! Links to them: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChesapeakeBayMagazine Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chesapeakebaymag/ Website: https://chesapeakebaymagazine.com/ As always […]

Ep 014 – Ed’s Edventure

The Broker with the Beard is Back from his big delivery adventure so we have lots to talk about!! Plus, we got ourselves a sponsor!!! Chesapeake Bay Magazine has some amazing content that boaters will love! Go check them out and give them some social media love from us!!! As always, there’s video: https://youtu.be/h-h_Xps1tPQ

Ep 011 – Urban Pirates

Urban Pirates on Funny Boat Podcast

We talk to the Captain of a pirate ship! Captain Jim is one of the captains for Urban Pirates, a pirate themed cruise boat in Baltimore Maryland. Working with kids and BYO-Grog adults leads to a lot of funny stories and we enjoyed hearing all of them! Check out Urban Pirates: https://www.urbanpirates.com/ As always there’s […]

Ep 009 – Wayne the Boat Guy!

Wayne the Boat Guy hasn’t been a boater for as long as some folks, but he makes videos about all the things he learns as he gets out on the water and then he showed up to the Funny Boat Podcast to tell us some of the stories about the funny mistakes he’s made along […]

Ep 007 – Salvage Arc Evan Woodard talks Magnet Fishing and Underwater Drones

Salvage Arc Magnet Fishing episode 7

Salvage Arc joins us as we discuss Magnet fishing in historic Fells Point Baltimore as well as his new venture with Aqua Survey, an underwater drone. Check out Evan Woodard and his adventures: https://www.instagram.com/salvagearc/ https://www.salvagearc.com/ Need an underwater drone in the Chesapeake? Check out his business: https://www.aquasurveymd.com/ As always, there’s a video too!