Ep 28 – The Confident Captain, Cathy Williams

The Confident Captain, Cathy Williams, international watersports superstar, travels the world spreading stoke and sharing her knowledge, teaching wake sports, educating people how to be safe and courteous while towing riders for over 25 years. Recently she was inducted into the 2024 IWWF Hall Fame with the “ Pioneer Award” and 2021 inducted into The […]

Ep 027 – Ian Dimka from Chesapeake Yacht Center

Don’t be alarmed, but there’s two brokers on this episode!! OH MY! Ian Dimka a broker with Chesapeake Yacht Center joins the crew to talk about selling boats, grooving in Annapolis and all the strangeness that comes from working on the water! Go find him: https://www.instagram.com/youryachtbroker/ Home As always, there’s a video:

Ep 026 – The Dive Club

The Dive Club ep 026

Drinks and salty stories from the most amazing bar in the port town of Cambridge, MD! The Dive Club is a complete delight! Go find them: https://rarbrewing.com/location/the-dive-club/

Ep 025 – Boaters Secret Weapon

The crew chats with Captain Matt from Boater’s Secret Weapon about having a pro help you through the wildest part of getting out on the water, buying your first boat!! Find more about Captain Matt and get his book: https://boaterssecretweapon.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BoatersSecretWeapon As always there’s a video: https://youtu.be/8mHUP0HT2SY

Ep 024 – Holiday Saltiness and Island Dreams

Captain Boomies just got back from a Caribbean charter, so it’s time to rub some salt in the wound of the chilly Broker with the Beard. Plus chatting about boat parades and good times. As always there’s video: Big thanks to Christine Lozada find her here: https://christinelozada.com/

Ep 023 – Sailing Red Seas: Tahiti & Turtle Crashes

Sailing Red Seas on the Funny Boat Podcast ep 23

We finally got these red-headed scallywags on the show,  @RedSeas  on the Funny Boat Podcast. They sailed to Tahiti, and had a wild ride getting there. Go check out all their adventures: 👩‍🦰👨‍🦰🎈⛵❤❤ https://www.red-seas.com/ As always there’s a video: https://youtu.be/vrSL0WtdLPk

Ep 022 – Tula’s Endless Summer at the Boat Show

The Annapolis Sailboat Show 2023 with Billy and Sierra of Tula’s Endless Summer. We talk about nerdy boat things, ninjas, and a bit of choking. It’s always a funny time chatting with sailors during the boat show! Give us that sweet like and follow! Check out more from Billy and Sierra here: https://tulasendlesssummer.com/ https://www.facebook.com/tulasendlesssummer https://www.instagram.com/tulasendlesssummer […]

Ep 021 – Luke McFadden Crabber Influencer

The crew talks to Luke McFadden of FV Southern Girl fame from Tiktok just before his wedding day, so we also got to chat with his beutiful bride! We of course yell about boats along the way as well. His crab stand is in Glen Burnie Maryland, and you too can buy crabs from a […]

Ep 020 – We’re Going to the Show

Captain Boomies and the Broker with the Beard talk about buying boats and how that’s kind of the point of boat shows, but also to run around and have fun with fellow boating enthusiasts! Captain Boomies and the Broker with the Beard talk about buying boats and how that’s kind of the point of boat […]

Ep 019 – How Not to Sail on Funny Boat Podcast

Bradford Rodgers from How Not to Sail Podcast chats with the crew about his luck with hurricanes, sailing the florida keys, and bearded sailor talk. Check out his incredible podcast: https://hownottosail.com There’s a video: https://youtu.be/5kZ5PY1rHn0